To get the most out of collaboration, there has to be a little magic—and that’s what real-time collaboration technology offers.

The power to work together synchronously plays a crucial role in a world with dispersed teams and constant travel. Here’s a look at how real-time sync enables collaboration in today’s workplace.

Brainstorm together

Real-time sync technologies help teams generate ideas as a unified group, emphasizing teamwork and allowing constant communication. From the beginning of a project, coworkers can brainstorm and plan simultaneously – so ideas can build off of each other while everyone stays on the same page. With ideation happening in real-time on the screen, everyone gets to have their say no matter where they are working from. This is even more effective when apps allow team members to keep track of each contributor.

Work efficiently

Collaboration is intended to improve work performance and get better results. Real-time sync makes it all happen quickly and seamlessly. Instead of waiting on edits, revisions, and approval, each step of the collaborative process can take place instantaneously. Because real-time collaboration cuts out downtime and moves projects forward faster, your bottom line ultimately benefits. Achieving breakthroughs and meeting deadlines has never been easier than when everyone can work together without losing a moment.

Collaborate while traveling

With cross-platform capabilities to suit preferences and needs, real-time collaboration technology helps dispersed  teams contribute from any location. Employees working out of a different office, spending a day at home, or traveling on assignment can sign in and participate seamlessly. Real-time sync also helps solve the problem of scheduling by enabling simultaneous collaboration from multiple locations – cutting out huge chunks of time waiting for everyone's work to be uploaded and shared.

Work on different devices

Not everyone does their best work sitting at a desktop, while others aren’t comfortable with a stylus. Whatever work needs to be done, employees will perform their best when using the devices they feel most comfortable with. Real-time collaboration technology allows everyone to use their preferred hardware while contributing to projects in one, central place.

Team build

Working in real-time is fun (there’s a reason why Draw Something was such a big hit!). Real-time collaboration technology adds an element of creative thinking and gameplay into the work environment, letting employees enjoy the process a bit more. In the end, working together simultaneously and cohesively builds a stronger and happier team!

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