The conference on JavaScript, Node, and Internet of Things will feature a presentation about Syncano.

FullStack 2016 is happening this week in London. FullStack is the conference on JavaScript, Node, and Internet of Things, and will feature speakers from all around the world. What better place to talk about Syncano, the serverless platform?

I am excited to be presenting a lightning talk called "5 Minute Backend with Node and Syncano". I'll demonstrate how developers can quickly and easily wire up a Hacker News clone with a Syncano backend.

We'll talk about how Syncano can be used to manage users, data, and run Scripts in the cloud (such as third-party APIs). You won't want to miss it!

Attending the conference? I'd love to meet you! Follow me on Twitter at @WackerTheHacker.

Stay tuned for a follow-up post after the conference featuring the Hacker News clone tutorial!