Michael Thompson speaks about his experiences building applications with immediaC.

Working with a number of contractors, we identified a need for contractors such electricians, landscapers, plumbers and other independent contractors, to build an estimate on their phone or tablet quickly and easily when they are with their client, says Michael Thompson, Director of Software Development at immediaC. Like many small businesses, contractors need to provide their clients with an estimate or quote of work required. A homeowner may get a quote from one or more providers.

Quoting in a paper based world means that a contractor will make notes at the work site, and then spend his or her evening writing and sending quotes. So, we developed our app called ‘Quotetcera’ and with this, a contractor is able to build and send the quote from the work site, even having the customer sign the estimate and approve the quote at the same time.

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. immediaC team pictured here from left to right are Ian Whynacht, John Leahy, Yichuan Xu, Todd Harrie, and Michael Thompson. Missing from the photo are Dave Whitnect and Amanda Hughes.

As well as years of experience in web development, immediaC has over nine years of mobile programming experience building applications on iOS, Android and Blackberry devices capable of producing full-featured native iOS or Android mobile apps. Their apps are built for their clients in Halifax and other parts of Nova Scotia by world-class developers who collaborate with their design team to produce a product that fulfills businesses’ requirements.

At immediaC, the ability to build an app quickly and with fewer developer resources is critical to our agile approach to meeting clients’ needs,” says Thompson. “We have moved at a fast pace from initial working models, to prototype and then to the first MVP.”


The team recently launched the CKC Champs App, which displayed in real time the events and results for each day of the Canadian Canoe Kayak Championship, and which they worked on over a period of six months. The immediaC team is currently developing many new apps, one of which is a native iOS app called Social Closet – a shopping app that allows the user to browse for new clothes, try them on using augmented reality and purchase the item or items from their mobile device.

ImmediaC has used a number of models and methods to rapidly develop software over the last 18 years. Our clients are predominantly SME with fast timelines to deploy mission-critical applications and we have always used a combination of skilled developers and an in-house custom code library to streamline development.

We find that we aren’t hampered by the work on the backend so much as by demand on our backend developers. We’re a small company with many projects on the go and this is where Syncano is saving the day for us. As a mobile developer, I am able to create the backend resources for each feature as I need them without needing to coordinate/manage REST (Representational State Transfer) services with our other developers.”

Moving forward, Thompson feels there are many opportunities in terms of creating new frontend products based on the backend and data that they have.

There’s been a lot of growth in real-time technologies so I see fewer pull-to-refreshes in the future. Our individual application will interoperate more and more using APIs.

The key challenges for immediaC at the moment is sales and marketing – reaching the broadest market of users who are in our target market.”

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