The fastest company to develop its software wins the market. But what will happen when the need for speed in software development is greater than what humans can provide? And how can you meet that need? Nikolai Fasting, CEO of startup Syncano offers a vision.

If you cannot reach product market fit faster than your competitors now, you are dead. That is why we have to learn to adapt software much faster tomorrow than we did yesterday. We are entering an era of software building software, and speed is everything. Syncano is pioneering that evolution - says Fasting.

Traditionally the pace of software development has been hampered by backend legacy for enterprises, and backend complexity for developers. When working with community based software development the community supplies the code at whatever pace you can copy and paste what others have already written. The code is free, but developing it is still not.

Nikolai Fasting, CEO of Syncano on the top of Syncano's Warsaw HQ

When the market starts expecting an even faster pace of iteration, there will be a demand for the same low cost development of new code. This is where Syncano is trying to stay ahead of the curve.

Having an unlimited access to software iteration enables you to throw every possible solution at your client's problem at once, while the automated feedback loop reports back what actually works and does further software iterations.

We want to leverage a community of developers, practically turning the whole world into a global IT-department while doing it. At the same time reusing functionality in new ways and automate the development process. Think about it! It means having access to infinite resources at extremely low cost harnessing the exponential nature of software. That is really what speeds things up, Fasting says enthusiastically.

Unlocking the potential of exponential rate of change is also achieved on Syncano's platform, by combining the interest of startups and enterprises when making minimum viable products. Startups offer a lean validation of the enterprises' product idea, while the community of developers contribute with code.

We are bringing together the world of enterprises and startups to share the benefits of this rate of change. That is unique. That is also what makes it possible for the 20 million developers of the world to develop software at a massive scale on our platform.

In spite of being a tech platform, business developers will have just as much benefit from Syncano's platform as software developers do. An increased ability to scale a business is a natural consequence of being able to build code faster.