Image: Didrik Egge Martens, CEO of Bizbot

Syncano’s community of developers took the Norwegian startup Bizbot from idea to their first ready to launch MVP in three months. Fast enough to win the accelerator award at The Factory.

All we had was a powerpoint presentation I’d just made.

"All we had was a powerpoint presentation I'd just made. Now we’re almost ready to launch our first MVP (Minimum Viable Product). At this point companies like ours usually just have a clickable demo with no real server backend” says CEO of Bizbot, Didrik Egge Martens. "I don’t know how to program neither front- nor backend, myself. Syncano delivered the platform with its community of developers and user experience designers."

As a fin-tech incubator The Factory supplies a wide range of mentors helping with everything from legal issues, through accounting, product design and technical issues. All of which might trip up a startup. Martens’ business idea came out of experiencing just how cumbersome it can be to found and run a company. What if all the generic tasks the government fines you for not keeping a good eye on could be done by a robot?

"Just getting an account and company number should take seconds, when in reality it’s quite difficult. Many entrepreneurs get lost early on. Our idea is to make a CFO-robot, to act as your assistant. Setting up a company should be as easy as registering a Facebook account" says Martens.

Choose the most important problem to solve

A common mistake many startups make is to include too many functions in the initial software. By eliminating what is nice to have and keeping only what is necessary for the client, time to market can be vastly reduced.

“We challenged Bizbot to identify their customers’ most important problem in a systematic way practically giving them the superpowers they would have if product developement was a computer game and programming a sudden skill making everything go faster. That is the benefit of accelerated software development with Syncano.” says founder of Syncano Nikolai Fasting, who served as tech-mentor for Didrik Egge Martens through the accelerator program.

Nikolai Fasting, founder of Syncano

Image: Nikolai Fasting, CEO of Syncano

Syncano's platform gives entrepreneurs access to a cloud platform for software development with a large registry of reusable code and access to a large community of developers.

"Our hypothesis is that startups like Bizbot will launch faster using Syncano because they are able to shift their focus towards other necessary activities like truly understanding their clients’ needs , getting investors onboard, and keeping their burn rate low. For that purpose, we have created a startup program gathering a team that develops necessary UX and tech, whilst maintaining and hosting the solution for a year.Bizbot was the first to run through our programme, and now we offer the same program to entrepreneurs anywhere."

Bizbot Norwegian startup creating a digital CFO-bot.

The Factory Incubator for financial technology.