Hackers came from all over to make their apps a reality with Syncano at Diamond Hacks 2016.

When we heard about Diamond Hacks, hosted by NC State University and their Women in Computer Science organization, it seemed like a great opportunity to meet and interact with passionate developers.

Diamond Hacks

This event gave women an open, interactive forum to ask questions and learn about software development. With a superheroine theme (including capes for everyone), it was clear that this was a place where women could feel empowered, and they could use their knowledge and skills to build an app from nothing in only 24 hours.

It was fun to mentor aspiring developers and help them bring their visions to life. You could just feel their excitement when they learned a new technology or figured out how to use something in a different way. Our very own Mariusz lead an "Intro to iOS with Swift" workshop to teach developers the basics of iOS app development.


I ran a workshop to show some of the ways developers could use Syncano to quickly build their application. Since Syncano takes care of data management, user authentication, and running custom code in the cloud, developers have more time to spend on the other aspects of their application.

To say we were impressed with the results would be an understatement. Every group was eager to learn and push the boundaries to develop an application in only 24 hours.


These were a few of our favorite projects.


PeerMe was focused on a problem many college students face: finding like-minded classmates to work and study with. They developed a tool that college students could use to find other people in their classes to form study groups. This tool could also be used to pair you up with people who are strong in subjects you need help with for tutoring. They integrated with Syncano by using our SendGrid integration for their email needs.

Hits on Kicks

This group loved shoes and wanted to build a worldwide shoe marketplace. Their iOS app would give people a place to buy, sell, and trade their shoes. They worked with Syncano's iOS library. While their app is still very early in development, we can't wait to see how it progresses!

Climate Chic

Climate Chic tackled a problem many women face: how to dress fashionably based on the weather. Using the Yahoo Weather API, her project gave the user a five day forecast for the weather and what clothes they should wear for their area.

She used Syncano extensively in her project by accessing the Yahoo Weather API through a Script, storing Data Objects to her image class, and sending a weekly email with a 5 day forecast using our Solutions.


Ultimately, we were so impressed with her use of Syncano that we gave her our prize for the Best Use of the Syncano Platform, a $100 Visa Gift Card! Congratulations!