With only 24 hours to build a project, the Derby Hacks hackathon was the perfect place to build an app quickly with Syncano.

Hackers came from all over to participate in the Derby Hacks hackathon this past weekend. The challenge: form a team of four and build a project in 24 hours.

The projects varied from web apps and mobile apps to hardware, and some groups decided to use Syncano for their project's needs.

With its user-friendly Dashboard, Syncano gave hackers the ability to manage data, users, and run code in the cloud. Hackers using Syncano were able to build out these areas of their project quickly without writing code from scratch.

Syncano workshop

We offered a workshop for those interested to learn more about how Syncano works. The best app to use Syncano would win a $500 Lego Prize Pack.

Lego Prize Pack

There were many outstanding projects, but we ended up selecting Hack My Health as the Best App to Use Syncano.

The Hack My Health team decided to tackle the problem of long waits for medical diagnostics. They wanted to allow patients to upload medical data to the cloud where doctors could view it and make a diagnosis quickly.

They were able to wire up a device to measure a person's vital signs such as temperature and pulse. They uploaded this data to the cloud with Syncano. On the front-end, they set up a Channel to watch their data and update their web page in real-time.

In the live demo, we watched as one of the team members put his finger on the pulse reader and his data was stored and updated on the screen in real-time with Syncano. Very cool!

Overall, we had a great experience at Derby Hacks and enjoyed meeting all of the inspiring hackers who attended. It was amazing to see all of the sophisticated projects that were built in only 24 hours, and that Syncano was used for some of them. We can't wait to see what hackers will build this weekend when we attend Diamond Hacks!