Syncano power user DashFlow wants to change the way you think about personal finance apps.

There are many personal finance apps out there. However, none of them seem to get it just right. DashFlow is a new app built on Syncano that is hoping to change that.

DashFlow allows you to track all of your money goals in one place. You can easily stay on top of your budget, organize your bills, get reminders, and achieve your goals for savings, budget, debt, and net worth.

dashflow interface

The DashFlow project is an ambitious one, and the team needed an easy way to integrate with third-party APIs through a server.

"Syncano was clearly the best solution because of the Scripts and Script Endpoints. These allow us to send and receive REST requests to and from the Plaid API while keeping our Account Key securely on the server. We also use Scripts to validate in-app purchase receipts with Apple." - Developer Ben Winters

Integrating with a third-party API is easy with Syncano. Typically, you just need to include the third-party API's library in your Script (many are supported already) and call the available functions just as you normally would, or you can make REST requests directly to the third-party API from your Script. You can then set up Script Endpoints to run different functions with the third-party API.

dashflow interface 2

This has saved the DashFlow team a lot of development time, and they are quickly gearing up their app for release soon. Besides using Syncano to integrate easily with third-party APIs, the DashFlow team is also excited that Syncano offers a full suite of functionality that they can grow into as needed.

This full suite of functionality includes user and data management, event triggers, schedules, server-side templating, push notifications, and much more.

The DashFlow app is currently in testing, but the team is planning on releasing it soon. Once it’s released, be sure to download the app and take it for a test run. It may just be the personal finance app you've been waiting for.