Your New Safety Net: Introducing Backup and Restore from Syncano

Todd WackerTodd Wacker

Keep your Instance safe with Syncano's newest feature.

Any developer knows that backing up your work is just a smart decision. There's no worse feeling than making an app-breaking change and realizing there's no way to undo it.

Syncano is excited to announce our newest feature: Backup and Restore! Now, you can take a full snapshot of your Instance at any time and revert back to it when you need to.

This is especially useful if you want to rework the logic in one of your Scripts or save the state of your Data Objects before testing. Now, you can do these things without worrying about breaking your app!

Let's take a look at how to backup and restore your Syncano Instance.

Full Backups

Full backups are exactly what they sound like: a complete snapshot of your Instance and all of its data, Sockets, and Components at the time.

To create a full backup, select "Full Backups" from the left menu in your Syncano Dashboard:

Add Backup

Give your backup a label and description and click confirm:

Confirm Backup

Once confirmed, your backup will go into the "Scheduled" status. In a few moments, the backup will go into the "Running" status. If it is successful, the status will change to "Success" and you will be able to restore from it at any time.

Created Backup

Only one backup and one restore can be scheduled for an instance at a time. Syncano allows you to have 25 backups per account.

Restore from Backup

Once you've created a full backup, you can restore to that backup at any time. Please note, however, that doing so will overwrite any changes you've made to your Syncano Instance since that backup was created.

To restore, click the dropdown next to your backup's name and select "Restore".

restore backup

Since restoring from a backup is irreversible, you will be asked to type the name of your Instance to confirm:

confirm restore

Congratulations, your Instance has now been restored to the same state it was in when you created the backup! Any accidental bugs you created are now gone - phew!

Moving Forward

Now that you know how to backup and restore your Syncano Instances, you can continue building your Syncano app with peace of mind. For more information about backup and restore, view the docs page.

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Todd Wacker

Todd Wacker

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