The Big List of 94 Chrome Extensions For Software Engineers

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We have compiled a huge list of extensions that can help software engineers become Chrome power users.

We all have read those articles with tips and tricks on how to be more productive. The Internet is full of them, but the actual truth of being a productive software engineer lies somewhere in between your dedication to finish your work, and the tools you utilize for your tasks.

Because most of our workdays are spent looking at the browser, we decided to compile a list of cool and useful Chrome extensions to make your work easier. Picking the right Chrome extension can save you time and energy, and enable you to be more creative and hopefully more productive.

Although we have this comprehensive list of popular Chrome extensions for developers, we highly recommend installing only those apps that are important to you. Install only those extensions that you will actually use, because there is no point of having productivity tools that you would never open. Keeping a bunch of apps that you don’t use is bordering on hoarding, but what’s worse is that you are hurting your Chrome experience.

Google won the browser war because it made Chrome simple and fast -- or at least faster than its competitors, like Firefox, Opera, and Safari. But, when you install too many extensions, you are taking away a little bit of speed from Chrome every time it loads. And that is not good. If you want a bad Internet experience, install Internet Explorer 6.

Internet Explorer Fail

Also, something to keep in mind is that Chrome extensions may be awesome one day, and terrible another. The reason for this is that extensions are software created by 3rd-party developers; and while your favorite extensions can work flawlessly, they may also suddenly stop working completely if the creators don’t take care of them.

Sometimes Google can break extensions when updating Chrome and its core technologies, and sometimes developers will forget to update their software, or even completely abandon it. Those lazy procrastinating developers should know that we have a list of extensions that could boost their productivity.

Must-have Chrome extensions to make your online life easier

So let’s start with the must-have Chrome extensions. These are tools that will improve your Internet experience, and will help you enjoy life as a software engineer. Some of these extensions provide simple ways to manage passwords, or keep notes; some will beautify Chrome, and others will make it a more effective browser.

Adblock is the most popular Chrome extension is the ultimate todo app

Chrome extensions to make you more productive

There are little things that make a great software developer a better professional, and those little differences can be counterbalanced with the use of great Chrome extensions that can boost your productivity. These extensions can help you to focus on important work that will yield valuable results.

Only awesome developers use Google Chrome

Pushbullet is a Swiss Army knife for messaging from Chrome

Extensions to use Gmail like a pro!

Gmail can be a problem-solver for developers

Become a Chrome power user, a master of dark arts?

You are a developer and a Chrome user. And you might think that, as an avid fan of the web, you know a thing or two about how to use your browser. But are you really a Chrome power user? Do you have the tools that will make you a master of the information overload. We can help with some awesome extensions:

Ghostery can tell you who is invading your privacy

A Chrome extension to quickly clear your browsing history

Developer tools that will help you build better things

Chrome is the favorite browser for many software engineers, and it is just reasonable that you can find hundreds of extensions that are meant to help them. These are apps that are dedicated to making life easier for developers, and some of them are so unique that you might even learn something from them.

Sight can highlight your code

A must-have toolbar for Chrome web developers

Fix your broken links

Cookie Monster

Insane Chrome extensions because the web is a fun place

They say the Internet was built by cats… for cats. With that insane conviction in mind, it is hard to take most of the web seriously. Think about it, Facebook is filled with weird gifs, cats, dogs, lols… And why should you take all that craziness with a serious face? We found some terrible Chrome extensions that will give you an insane online experience. And, most importantly, they will help you blow off some steam.

Nicolas Cage con hair

Wow, that was a big list of Chrome extensions!

Yes, this list is long, but there are even more extensions on the Chrome Web Store. We collected only those extensions (and some weird ones) that we thought could help software engineers improve their work and be more productive -- and maybe find out new and interesting things about the web. The list is not final, of course. If you have an extension that you love, please share it with us on Twitter @syncano or on

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